Reflexology/Paraffin Therapy

The ancient practice of Reflexology is the art of applying pressure using fingers or thumb to specific reflex points of the feet, hands and ears that correspond to different organs and systems in the body. Reflexology is not used to diagnose conditions, however, it is used to complement other therapies and treatments for conditions such as anxiety, headache, asthma, PMS, sinusitis, cardiovascular problems, cancer treatment and diabetes. In a publication by the University of Minnesota they stated that Scientific Research suggests that the positive benefits of reflexology have been in certain areas:



  • Reflexology has an impact on specific organs (e.g., MRI readings demonstrated an increase in blood flow to kidneys and to the intestines)
  • Reflexology can demonstrate an amelioration of symptoms (e.g., positive changes were noted in kidney functioning with kidney dialysis patients)
  • Reflexology creates a relaxation effect (e.g., EEGs measure alpha and theta waves, blood pressure was decreased, and anxiety was lowered)
  • Reflexology aids in pain reduction (27 studies demonstrated a positive outcome for reduction in pain; e.g., AIDS, chest pain, peripheral neuropathy of diabetes mellitus, kidney stones, and osteoarthritis




♦ Reflexology of the Feet or Hands: $35*

♦ Hot Rockin' Reflexology: $45*

This specialized pressure technique using hot stones is applied to the specific wellness related point on the hands or feet to release blocked energy relieving stress and boosting circulation which can result in deep relaxation and pain relief. Your choice of Massage and reflexology of either the hands or the feet.

♦The Dynamic Hand and Foot Scrub or Polish Therapy $60*

Your smooth fresh hands and feet will make a great impression no matter what the season. It's the best 45 minutes you will ever spend as we pamper you with your favorite body scrub or polish therapy to soothe, hydrate, cleanse and refresh your hands and feet and then follow with a reflexology session. Our Dynamic scrubs and polishes are all natural and made fresh on site with natural premium quality and effective ingredients.

Add a paraffin treatment for only $15!

♦ Paraffin Therapy of the Hands and Feet $35*

Paraffin therapy was originally designed for chronic arthritis joint pain management , but it not only relieves pain and inflammation, it also moisturizes the skin.

* All foot services include a “Footsie Bath"