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NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment


ITEM# 1234     |    1 fluid oz.  / 30 mL          

NeriumAD is an age-defying skin cream that in clinical trials has been shown to reduce fine lines, uneven skin texture, large pores and other signs of aging by 30%.  By smoothing away the signs of aging, you can capture that youthful glow again. Your skin will feel firm and supple within a few applications.   Read More >>

Price: $ 75.00

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EO have been used for centuries throughout the world and are known for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits and their numerous health and wellness benefits have been scientifically validated in many studies and are continuously researched. Many reputable institutions throughout the country are using these products in the hospital emergency rooms via vaporizers for their calming and cleansing effects and other institutions are adding having patients ingest the certain Eos and incorporate them into the joint cement to reduce rate of infection.

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