Massage Services/Body Works

Massage may be exclusively for stress relief and relaxation or may be used as a therapeutic modality. Typically the Swedish massage is for promoting relaxation. Massage Therapies are used to relieve both mental and physical fatigue, relieve painful muscles and joints, release muscle tightness, improve circulation, improve immune system function and so much more!

♦ Swedish (Relaxation) Massage

30 minutes: $45

60 minutes: $65

90 minutes: $95


♦ Deep Tissue or Sports Massage: 60 minutes – $85

These massages target deep muscles and connective tissue using intense pressure. We manipulate muscle groups to reduce soreness and tension.

♦   The Hot Stone Massage and Acupressure Combo: 60 minutes – $85

This is a deeply relaxing therapeutic treatment that incorporates hot stones to heighten relaxation by releasing muscle tension thorough direct heat over muscles and indirect release of pain and tension through the acupressure points.

♦  Side Lying Massage: 60 minutes – $75

This style of massage is great for anyone who is limited motion or challenged moving including our elderly and pregnant clients. Our multi-function electric massage table is great for clients with and without limitations.

♦  Prenatal Massage: 60 minutes – $85  

♦  Initial Trigger Point Assessment – $100

Trigger Points is a tight area within the muscle that causes pain in other areas of the body. T.P. Massage Therapy was developed to alleviate the origin of the pain by utilizing a technique of repeated isolated pressure and release. The recipient assists by breathing deeply and helps identify the exact location and intensity of the discomfort. By releasing constricted areas in the muscles, pain may be relieved. By applying these therapies regularly, chronic pain can be managed. Your first therapy will also include the initial evaluation to determine the best treatment.

♦  Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (subsequent TP therapy) – $80

♦ Sweet Feet and Hands Aromotherapy Polish – $30*

Our luxurious signature sugar polish treatment combines the highest grade of essential oils along with sugar, oils and other natural emollients and exfoliants that will leave your skin smooth and with a youthful glow.

  AromaTouch: 80 minutes – $115*

The AromaTouch Technique the essential oil application is along the spine and feet and encompasses four steps designed to minimize stressors to achieve balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. Each application includes 2 Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils specifically formulated to support healthy emotional and physiological functions of wellbeing or multiple applications can be serviced with one set of doTeERRA’s blend of essential oils.


º Essential Oils Add On to Massage – $10

º Hot Stone Quick Fix Add Ons (additional 15 minute)

Hot Stone Foot Refresher: $15*  

Hot Stone Shoulder & Neck Tension Tamer: $20

calp Stress Reliever: $15

​​* All foot services include a “Footsie Bath”