Fitness Without Equipment

By using your own body weight as resistance and allowing only 30 seconds of rest between each exercise, you'll get your heart rate up and tone your body all in 30 minutes. If you are looking for great results, perform this no-equipment work out three times a week for three weeks.  We recommend that you increase the intensity (the number of repetitions in each one-minute timeframe) each week. In addition, two days a week, you will need to spend 30 minutes doing cardio or yoga.  You should start feeling stronger, have more energy and notice your clothes feeling looser in just a few short weeks.

fitness without equipment 2With all the information available to us about exercise, there’s no excuse for not achieving your fitness goals. There is no reason to claim you don’t know what to do because there are 100’s of programs out there available. People love to say they don’t have time to work out, but there are so many routines that can be completed in minutes.

The best thing you can do to stick with any workout plan is to make it fun with kid’s exercises, silly as they may look, will strengthen your core and increase mobility, as well as get your heart rate up and challenge your endurance. The bear crawl and the crab crawl will give you a workout that will keep you entertained. Other exercise choices are jumping jacks, jumping rope, lunges, squats mountain climber, plank, high jumps, knee pull-ins, pushups, air bike and so many others. 

Our Exercise Physiologist and Physician Assistant, Maqsud Dean, is extremely knowledgeable and is an excellent instructor who is available by appointment to work with you at DHW in small groups of 5 or less or as a personal instructor to help you meet your fitness goals whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to become fit. Instructions will also include a personalized routine that you can practice at home.  We encourage you to purchase a package so that you can take full advantage of this customized training opportunity.

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