Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dynamic Health and Wellness FAQ
  • What hours are you open?

    Our offices are open:

        Mon 9:00am 7:00pm
        Tues 9:00am 7:00pm
        Wed 9:00am 7:00pm
        By Appointment Only
        Fri 9:00am 7:00pm
        By Appointment Only
  • What forms of payment do your accept?

    We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard,and CareCredit. We do not accept checks.

  • Are any services covered by insurance?

    The airborne allergy testing and treatment program is our only service covered by commercial insurance. These include Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna,Tricare, United Health Care, Delta and others. If your copay is $1500 or less, the company absorbs it, however, if greater than $1500, you will have to meet your copay.

    Unfortunately, Medi-Cal and Medicare do not cover this service, but for those of you who have no insurance or who's insurance does not cover, we are fortunately able to offer the entire year of testing, treatment ,follow up in the office and the immunotherapy for only $2050 which is a phenomenal price.

  • How early shall I arrive for my appointment?

    Please arrive 15 minutes early for any appointment in order to fill out initial paper work or to have any of your urgent questions answered prior to your appointment.

  • What is your policy regarding cancellation of an appointment? Do you have a cancellation fee?

    As a courtesy to our staff and our other clients and patients, we ask that you cancel 48 hours in advance to that we can do the necessary modifications.

    We will require a credit card to hold your reservation for spa and facial services. If you have booked an appointment, a 24 hour cancellation notice is required except for Monday appointments, which requires a 48 hour notice of cancellation since we are closed on Sunday. You may be held responsible for a fee of 50% of your canceled service if you have failed to give 24 hour notice. This policy applies to all services over $50.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    We do not offer refunds on any sale or service purchased. Our goal is to provide the best services and products. If you are dissatisfied with any product or service, we will make every effort to resolve any problem and accommodate your request whenever possible. Our first priority is to provide the highest level of care possible to all of our clients.

  • What is your Gift Certificate Policy?

    Our gift certificates are available for any value and are redeemable for products and services. The gift card is not redeemable for cash. Refunds have to be within 48 hours of purchase and only with the original receipt for unused certificates. The gift certificates do not expire, however if lost, stolen, or misplaced, they cannot be redeemed. You can use your gift card as a credit card to reserve your appointment. Use of any gift card constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions. Please call us at 530-329-8462 to make an appointment.

  • Medical FAQ
  • How do I know if allergy testing is right for me?

    Seasonal allergies, rhinitis(runny nose), chronic cough, itchiness or hives on the skin, sinus congestion and many other signs and symptoms my be a response to airborne sensitivities. Give us a call and or stop by and our medical staff will address your concerns and help you decide if you are a candidate and if this program may be right for you.

  • What are the contraindications to the hCG weight loss program?

    History of blood clots, history of a cancer stimulated by hormone such as estrogen receptor sensitive breast cancer, testicular cancer , severe respiratory or cardiovascular disease, pregnancy or in the process of trying to conceive, and allergy to hCG or it's components. We encourage you to call or come in and speak with one of our medical professionals. For those clients who are sure they would like to be on one of the programs we offer a detailed consultation for $60 and will apply that to whichever weight loss program that you purchase.

  • Are there any contraindications to massage therapy?

    There are a few contraindications and there are several relative contraindications. Uncontrolled blood pressure, large varicose veins (area should be avoided), pregnancy (should be cleared by your OBGYN and the technique is specific to pregnancy), fractures and recent severe injuries, skin infections and inability to feel pain because of heavy narcotic use.

  • How does immune therapy for airborne allergies work and how long does it work?

    For complete information on the services that Dynamic Health and Wellness offers for immune therapy for airbourne allergies, please visit our Airbourne Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy page.

  • What is the Resting Metabolic Rate used for?

    The RMR give us more accurate information regarding the number of calories that your body burns at rest in a 24 hour period of time. This number varies drastically from one individual to another, even if you are the same sex, age and height as another individual. This information is extremely valuable for determining how many calories you burn daily and it is used to calculate the calories needed for you to lose weight or to get passed that plateau where you have been stuck without further weight loss.

  • How do I know which weight loss program is right for me?

    We have three types of weight loss programs which are the Clean Start hCG, Clean Start Weight Loss and Pre-bariatric surgery. We offer customized and medically managed weight loss programs. They all include a physical examination and extensive history, nutritional counseling, metabolic testing (RMR, body composition), fat burning vitamins, meal plan, grocery list and a strong professional medical team who will educate you and provide amazing support. Your initial consultation about the weight loss services is $60 but it is free if you participate in any of the weight loss programs since we will apply that to the plan that you chose.

    For complete information, please visit our Medical Weight Management Programs area.

  • What are the health benefits of using the Steamy Wonder portable sauna?

    Most Western practitioners are unfamiliar with the benefits of steam therapy since the research in our part of the world has been very limited. In contrast, Japan where steam bathing is frequent and recognized as an effective treatment for many conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, respiratory conditions, some cardiovascular diseases, nicotine addiction and hypertension. Some of the health benefits that have been recognized include weight loss, detoxification, skin beautification, stress relief, cellulite reduction, joint pain relief, easing sore muscles, relief of allergies and asthma, improvement of circulation, reduction of inflammation and immunity booster.