Clean Start hCG Weight Loss



plate2This program utilizes the hCG hormone taken by subcutaneous injection or sublingual daily in order to expedite fat burning in conjunction with a 500 calories per day meal plan during the period of 40 days of hCG or until a 34 pound weight loss has been achieved, whichever occurs first. This is followed by a six week maintenance program. The weight loss average is 0.5 to 1.0 per day. There is very close supervision and our clients are expected to come weekly throughout the entire course of this medically managed weight loss program. There are so many programs out there using hCG. We at DHW have been trained to teach and use the original hCG program developed by Dr. Simeon.  Unlike many hCG programs, our hCG is medical grade and comes from one of the few pharmacies in the country that is licensed to compound injectable medicines. Also provide multiple tools(instructional DVD, cookbook, tracking book etc.) to help you succeed in this program and we incorporate the 6 week maintenance program designed to lock in your weight loss. Once you transition on to the Maintenance Phase of the program, we utilize the Metabolic Testing to customize your weight loss experience in order to help you maintain the weight loss that you will be achieving. There are great variations and differences in quality among the available hCG programs.  We want the best for you, so we encourage you to do your homework first. Our staff is one of the most knowledgeable and supportive in the industry and we can assure your satisfaction from start to finish.

In order to determine eligibility for this program, we require certain blood tests to be done and our medical practitioner will perform a history and physical and explain the program in detail during your 30 minute consultation.This comprehensive program includes Metabolic testing (Resting Metabolic Rate and Body composition) Menu and Grocery List, Recipe Book, all hCG injections or drops, Fat Burning Vitamin injections weekly and weekly assessment by our medical staff. 


Clean Star h-CG Weight Loss Program for Vegetarians and Vegans

Did you know that we have a Vegetarian and Vegan friendly h-CG Weight Loss Program?   Vegetarian and Vegan forms of the original Dr. Simeon’s h-CG diet do exist and are now offered here at DHW.  

First, let’s explore what the two most common types of vegetarians are.   There are Lacto-ovo vegetarians that don’t eat beef, poultry, or fish, but do eat eggs and dairy products. (Similarly, lacto vegetarians consume dairy but not eggs while ovo vegetarians eat eggs but don’t consume dairy.)  And there are Vegans who consume no animal products or animal by-products. This means no beef, poultry, fish, eggs, or dairy (many vegans also avoid honey).

Protein substitutions are essential because in the original the h-CG diet the protein choices are poultry, fish, beef and shellfish.

Vegetarians and vegans get most of their protein from sources like brown rice, quinoa, beans and legumes.  Of course some vegetarians consume eggs and milk products as well.  The limitations for vegans and vegetarians also extends to the fact that sugars and starches are not allowed on this diet hence the  grains and beans that provide protein are not allowed. For those who consume milk products skim milk, low fat cottage cheese and yogurt are good options.  Soy based proteins are thought to be the best alternatives however, other products which are not highly processed that are substitutes for meat proteins include natural whey protein, Good Life raw protein, low fat cottage cheese and tofu.  Tofu should have the following profile: one serving between 75-140 calories and between 15-21g protein and have less than 5g fat and less than 5g carbohydrates.  Since cheeses and other milk products contain milk sugars, the total consumption of calories may be greater than 500 calories. 

The best Protein powders to use the 1 scoop equals to one serving of the protein choices for hcg diet and it should be 5 grams of carbs or less per serving and sweetened only with Stevia or Xylitol.  It is discouraged to consume highly processed proteins such as morning Star Farms Grillers and Patties or the Boca “burger” products since these are highly processed.

The remainder of the diet follows the Dr. Simeon h-CG Diet strictly and details including risks and benefits will be reviewed at your consultation if you are considering the Clean Start h-CG Weight Loss program.  I invite you to call us for an appointment and explore all your weight management options tailored to your particular needs. We partner with you so that this time your weight loss program will have a successful happy ending.  We are here at DHW to help you be successful in your quest to lose weight.  Call us today and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff.