Airborne Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Why should I get allergy testing and consider receiving immunotherapy treatment?

One in three people suffers from allergies. The cost of treating allergy symptoms with medications can be quite expensive and they usually just mask the symptoms and their use may result in the loss of time from work or school. We offer Immunotherapy that is self-administered in the comfort of your own home and that provides a convenient method of decreasing or even eliminating allergy symptoms without the usual hassles and with very minimal risks and excellent results.

Who qualifies for the Airborne Sensitivity Test?

Candidates must be 2 years or older. Allergies have been shown to be a factor in many illnesses such as chronic colds, asthma, chronic pain, hay fever, sinusitis, rhinitis, chronic cough, fatigue, malaise, muscle pain, urticaria (hive) and many others. Assessing for sensitivities may help clinicians in the diagnosis of these chronic conditions. Could you be a daily sufferer?

Which allergens are tested?airbourne_page

The airborne studies are performed for the 50 most common allergens that are specific for the geographical region and that have been shown to trigger chronic allergies and related conditions.

How is testing done?

Airborne sensitivity testing is performed by lightly pressing applicators filled with regional allergens which feel like a hairbrush. By slightly scratching the skin it results in a local reaction within 10 to 15 minutes revealing the airborne sensitivities that are causing your symptoms. The testing takes about 25 to 30 minutes in total.

What is airborne immunotherapy and how does it work?

It is a treatment that desensitizes you to the allergens that show a positive reaction during the airborne sensitivity testing. By introducing the allergens into the system in small increments, the immune system is then able to create antibodies against the allergens to produce desensitization.

How long does it take to get relief from allergies once on immunotherapy?

Most patients get some relief within the first five months of treatment. Studies have proven that Airborne Immunotherapy is a 1 to 5 year desensitization treatment plan that lasts depending on the severity and effectiveness of immune response to the antigen regimen created. The initial therapy is created for a 1 year regimen.






Does My Medical Insurance Cover The Cost Of Allergy Testing And Treatment?

Commercial Health Insurance covers airborne allergy testing and treatment with some exceptions. Preauthorization will be acquired prior to starting the testing. For those who have:

A) a commercial insurance with a deductible greater than $1,500

B) a MediCal product

C) a Medicare product

D) those who have no health care coverage We offer this testing and treatment for $2,050 for the testing and a full year of treatment. We accept payments in full using VISA, MasterCard, Cash and CareCredit.

If you are a cash pay patient, we offer a special price for this testing and/or treatment:  1) $175 for the initial doctor’s evaluation and 2) $2,050 for the testing and a full year of treatment.  If the airborne testing is done without immunotherapy then the cost is 1) $175 for the initial doctor’s visit and 2)  $350 for the testing.