Rapid HCG Diet


  Published on: September 10, 2017

Lose up to 30 pounds in 40 days ! Lose Weight before the Holidays . Medically supervised RAPID 12 week weight loss diet includes: 40 days of hCG , Vitamin Injections, Weekly follow up visits , Metabolic Testing , Body Composition, 6 week meal plan maintenance, counseling to keep your weight off ! We now

MPS for Chronic and Acute Pain


  Published on: October 10, 2016

Relief with Micro-current Therapy The Dolphin Neurostim is designed to treat chronic and acute soft tissue pain and scars and adhesions by applying concentrated micro-current impulses to trigger, motor, and acupuncture points, providing quick and effective pain relief for a long list of medical conditions. MPS Therapy combines the principles of acupuncture with modern neurology

Suffering from Allergy Symptoms ?


  Published on: October 10, 2016

Did you know that breathing issues, scratchy throat, sneezing, dry skin, itchy nose, headaches, scratchy throat, chronic cough, difficulty smelling, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue and cold like symptoms could be related to airborne allergies? Live Symptom Free this Spring, Get Tested Today!   All Insurances Welcome